Mudding & Mud Bogging-Jacked up mud trucks

Mudding & Mud Bogging- so what is it all about?

Mudding, Mud bogging, mud racing or mud dragging. There are many names for this awesome sport so what is it? Well, you have probably guessed by now that is has a lot to do with mud! What you may not know is what else is involved.

Mud bogging is an off road or 4X4 motorsport. It involves driving jacked up trucks around a course or “mud pit” in the fastest time possible. Often the fastest time is not actually required as some of the tracks can be so challenging that the mud truck that makes it furthest through the mud is the winner.

muddingThis awesome extreme racing pastime is very popular in Canada and the USA. It became popular in the 70’s and 80’s when participants modified 4×4 trucks with tractor tires. Often these trucks were similar to monster trucks with huge amounts of power.

The sport is overseen by two governing bodies: The American Mud Racing Association, and the National Mud Racing Organization. They aim to develop the sports and facilities to deliver a better experience for the fans and the participants.

Mud trucks- the ultimate 4×4

There are many kinds of mud trucks and 4×4’s involved in mud racing. This is mainly due to the fact that most are custom made for different classes and types of mudding events.

Early Mud trucks

When the sport started in the 70’s and 80’s most mud trucks were SUV’s and pickup trucks that were modified by their owners. By adjusting and lifting the suspension and fitting huge tires they were able to tackle the mud bogs better and get further through the course. Because of the power demands to push through the mud, the engines were usually souped up to deliver the output required.

The practice of modifying the mud trucks led to some interesting innovation in vehicle engineering. With the use of huge tractor tires, anyone designing a jacked up mud truck had to custom build a drivetrain to allow the clearance for the tires. This was a great leap forward for design in the sport and created some awesome vehicles.mud bogging

During the 80’s the governing bodies favored dragster type trucks. These were lower type trucks featuring rail type designs. They became popular and were used more across the sport.

As the 90’s rolled around more advances in engineering led to more modern mud truck designs with better suspension and supercharged engines delivering vast amounts of power.

Modern Mud trucks

Now the sport has been developed and structured by the sanctioning bodies: The American Mud Racing Association, and the National Mud Racing Organization. Different types of races and classifications of mud racers have been established.  Each type of race and class has its own set of rules and guidelines. These vary from dragster designs with front or rear engine positions to different tire types such as tractor or street legal tires.

Jacked up trucks

mud boggingMany developments have come from the innovation put into these trucks. Many seriously jacked up trucks, as well as mega trucks, have been built and customized. There is a close relationship with Monster trucks and Mega trucks. The design and engineering are similar with the modified drive trains and power needed, not to mention the suspension.

Mud bog types

Mud bogging comes in many different formats. There are a few main categories:

Open bog or “bog”:

The standard bog type racing takes place in open bogs. These tend to be naturally occurring bogs. Places like Florida have a lot of these. The courses don’t tend to be highly organized as the format means the coordination is not needed.

This includes classes like:mud trucks


Each of these has there own requirements in terms of design, engine type and so on.

Hill and Hole:

It might seem obvious from the name what this one is. It is exactly as it sounds. The course is usually a 60 foot wide and 200-foot wide selection of hills and holes. Each truck takes on the challenge to complete the track in the quickest time.

Hill and hole has around 7 classes with further subclasses depending on splits of tire size.


Some of the classes included are:

  • Street Stock
  • Hot Street
  • Super Street
  • Renegade
  • Small tire modified and Large tire modified
  • Unlimited
  • X-Class

The last two classes are more or less anything goes as long as you stay within the safety rules. There are no limits in terms of modifications and additions to the trucks. No limits are placed on the engine power either. As long as it meets the safety specs it can enter a mudding event.

Others classes are dependent on engine and tire size.

Flat, Progressive or Fast Mud Racing

Flat or fast track mudding is more about speed and usually has a less challenging track. These are more like drag racers on sand or mud. These tracks attract a different type of mud truck with speed being the main feature.

Some of the classes include:mud truck racing


There are also some additional optional classes which again must stay inside the safety rules.

Governing bodies

There are a number of governing or “sanctioning” bodies involved in mudding and mud racing. The most prominent are:

  1. National Mud Racing Organization
  2. American Mud Racing Association &
  3. Canadian Mud Racing Organization

National Mud Racing Organization

This organization which is sometimes known as the Mud Racers Association is one of the sanctioning bodies which is recognized on a national level for a number of types of mud racing and events. It is a coming together of participants, sponsors, fans and more of the sport. The organization’s aim is to establish a universal set of rules and safety standards for Mudding. They also aim to develop the sport while they grow its audience throughout the USA and further afield.

American Mud Racing Association

The other main US based organization. They represent the modern day mud racing sport. Its board is made up of enthusiastic members who are racers and former racers themselves which gives them plenty of experience in the field. The aim of the association is to expand the reach of the mud racing sport and bring in sponsors and partners to popularize the mudding events nationally.

Canadian Mud Racing Organization

Not to be forgotten the Canadian mud racing organization is a group of devoted mud bogging Canadians. It is a small but growing organization and recognizes the growth of the sport in North American and Canada.


Mudding videos

Check out some cool mudding videos below

Mud Bogging events near me

The season usually runs from April to September. Depending on where you live you may be able to find a mudding event close by or you could travel and make a weekend of it by attending an awesome mud bogging event. Here are some popular ones to choose from:

Barnyard All Terrain

mud racing trucks

Located on Boothby Road, Livermore, Maine this awesome park is open during the mudding season on selected weekends. They host drag races and have several mud bogs. Check out their website for more details.

Vermonster 4×4

mud truck racing

Located in Bradford, Vermont these guys run a highly popular bi-annual event. It’s not just about mudding but a whole weekend of family fun. People travel from all over the US to these events. The weekend includes Mud drags, Monster trucks, rock crawling, tough truck and finally, the big bad trench! They have also launched a New England wide tour to bring Mega trucks and monster trucks to locations near you. Check out their website for more details.

Louisiana MudFest

mudding videos

Located in Colfax Louisiana these guys host the four-day Trucks gone wild event in April. They have over 300 acres of park with something for everyone. All kinds of mud racing and mud activities, fishing, a marina and live concerts and music. Check out their website for more details.

Howie’s Mud Bog

mudding videos

Howies Mud Bog is in Finlayson Minnesota. Hosting everything from mud racing to volleyball tournaments, truck tug or war and also bikini contests there is a lot going on. Check out the website for more details.

Twitty’s Mud Bog

mud racing videos

Twitty’s in Ulmer, South Carolina is an all out mud bogging event venue. With a busy schedule of mud truck racing and bogging events. Check out the website for the full schedule.

Michigan Mud Jam

trucks gone wild

The Michigan mud jam takes place in Hale, Michigan in August. It’s got 125 acres of mud and attracts a large crowd of awesome people. Check out the website for details.

West GA Mud Park

mega truck racing

The West GA mud park, as you may have guessed, is located in Tallapoosa, West Georgia. Now in its 6th year of operation, they have a wide range of events such as Drag Racing, Hill N Hole, Dam Jumping, Obstacle/Race Course, Tug O War, and open mud bogging. They also have a stage for concerts and music and lots for all the family. Check it out here.

Iron Horse Mud Ranch Maximum Power Park

mega truck mud racing

Located in Perry, Florida this 520-acre swamp seems like it probably has just about everything you can think of. Plenty of mudding with 5 mud pit areas and also a purpose built ATV area for all you ATV lovers. They also have an awesomely handy vehicle wash for after your fun is done. And in addition, even camping for RV’s and tents. Check out the website here.

The Mississippi Off Road Race Park

mud truck racing

Located north of Natchez, Mississippi this 30-acre race park holds the title of the home of outlaw mud racing as well as mud drags. These events bring in some great crowds and furthermore are awesome events to attend.

Give mudding a shot

So there you go. That’s finally mudding in a nutshell. Take a look at the videos and while you’re at it get yourself along to a mud bogging event near you. Most of all, let us know how it goes and also tell us about it in the comments section.


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